Waltertone Effects


The Superdriver is an ultra-versatile, medium gain, overdrive effect, based on an original, all analog circuit design. This pedal offers 3 channels: Boost, Overdrive and Overdrive+Bass Shift. For each of these channels you can select one of 3 different overdrive modes: Crunch, Drive 1 or Drive 2. That is 9 distinctive sounds at your command by way of two miniswitches.

The Boost function produces big and bold clean tones, which can also be used to push into saturation a guitar amp or a subsequent pedal effect. The Overdrive settings sound transparent and organic, always maintaining note definition and picking dynamics. And the Bass Shift option in the Overdrive channel, comes in very handy to fatten up single coil equipped guitars and/or bright amps.

The Energy knob, which sets the overall frequency response of the Superdriver, is not your conventional "Tone" control. It´s been designed to be completely functional from "0" to "10", never getting muddy on very low settings nor shrill when maxed out.